Monday, December 13, 2010

SixWest... its the best!

I have lived on the same floor my entire time at Moody. Over the years the floor has evolved and many have come and gone. Many have graduated and several have gotten married. Each girl in these photos has made a special impact in my life. Some i'm closer with than others, but each one has been a sister to me. One of the bittersweet but amazing things about Moody is that each student that graduates from here will end up somewhere around the world building God's kingdom. Six West has a wide variety of majors; elementary education, pre-counseling, urban ministry, music, varieties of international missions majors, theology, and so on. No matter where we all end up I think each of us will have a special place in our hearts for the girls on Six West; I know I will. I'm sad to leave, but these girls have been so encouraging to me and make me believe that I can do it! I love you all, and know that you're each in my prayers and I hope to stay in close contact with each one of you. You are all beautiful women inside and out.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lydia Children's Home

I have been going to the Lydia Children's Home just about every Thursday night during the school year for the past 2 1/2 years. My friend Gabby and I have remained consistent in leading church for the kids, and have had some great people from Moody with us through the past 3 years. Working with the kids at Lydia has not been an easy task. Every child and teen living at Lydia are wards of the state and have very difficult backgrounds. I have learned to love these kids, some have been there the whole time we have been attending, others have been placed in foster homes. Trying to teach a lesson or play a game with these kids is always an adventure. This year has been one of my favorite semesters going on Thursday nights. Scott joined us, and also another guy named Spencer. The four of us have gelled together so well, and have been able to each use our specific gifts to make church a better experience for the kids. Usually there are three churches that come one week of the month and help lead the night but this semester they have been very inconsistent, which has been nice for us. We have been able to lead the entire evening, starting with a game in the gym, then teaching the lesson which we have made very interactive. I have learned so much about my brothers and sister this semester from working with them at Lydia.

Lydia has had a special place on my heart since I was a small child. My church supports Lydia and they use to come give a yearly presentation during our service. I remember having my heart melt when they would talk about their programs the kids. In high school I wanted to work there for a summer. It didn't end up working out, and I ended up at Camp Kearney instead (which is another story all in itself). When I came to Moody I heard that PCMs were done at Lydia and I wanted to bad to serve there. God answered my prayer and it has been wonderful.

Because the children living at Lydia are wards of the state I am unable to post any pictures of them online. Instead i've posted pictures of the Moody group from the Christmas party we had last night for the kids.