Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Feels like I never left

I have been back in Detroit and at LifeBuilders for a week now. It has been an incredible week, kinda slow at getting things going, but good all in all. Last week I settled in to my new house and met my new roommate. It is amazing how easily we have clicked and its to funny how a like we are. God definitely knew what he was doing when he put Michelle and I together as roommates. Saturday we had a discussion hour with the teens, we asked them a bunch of questions and asked to just be real and open to us. They were so open, it was awesome. We were able to have great discussions, and then had a meal after. When I walked in the building before our time together I saw several teens that I hadnt seen since the summer. Two of the girls came running up to me and embraced me and had tears in their eyes. One of them said, "I didn't think you would come back, no one ever comes back. But I'm so glad you did, I prayed that you would." WOW, talk about heart wrenching. I went to church on Sunday at Hope Community Church with all the kids and teens, it was great being back. Sunday night I went to the young adults service that I had gone to during the summer at the suburban church. I love the worship there, but sometimes I feel like I don't fit in there, everyone seems to "rich." But I still feel like I am to get plugged in there with a small group. So I signed up to join a small group, which will start in February. I'm excited to see what God will do through this opportunity. Hoping to spread the vision of urban ministry to the suburbs! Tonight I went to all 3 kid/teen programs (boys KidBuilders, girls KidBuilders and girls H2O.) I introduced myself and explained why I came to live in the neighborhood and how excited I am to get to be a part of all their lives. It was so nice seeing all the kids/teens again, many of whom I did things with last summer.

I have been overwhelmed by the support that has come in for my ministry here in Detroit. God is so good, and I can't even begin to thank everyone enough. Some of the support is from people I don't even know, and that just proves God's faithfulness even more.

More to come as I start getting more and more settled. Tomorrow afternoon I will lead my first of many bible studies with some teen girls, please pray it goes according to God's plan and not my own. Praise HIM for everything, it is all about HIM!

Oh, pictures will hopefully come soon. I currently am without a camera, since mine broke last fall. But hopefully I can afford a new one soon, so keep an eye out for pictures in the near future.