Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Strongest men in the world....

Last Friday night I went with 3 of our teen boys from LifeBuilders to see a group called TEAM IMPACT. This group travels all over the world and are some of the strongest men in the world. BUT the cool part about them is that they are glorying Christ with their strength. These men break bricks, baseball bats, lift huge logs, and so much more, but they do nothing on their strength, they allow Jesus' strength to overcome them. During the performance the gospel was proclaimed clearly, and many people in the audience went forward to accept Christ as their Savior.

It was great to hang out with the boys because I usually don't get to see them very much, since i'm usually with the girls. I see them for a short time of Thursday nights during their bible study, but then they 'kick me out' because it is 'boys time'. It was great to see their reactions to these crazy stunts, and just being a part of their lives. After the event we went and grabbed something to eat. We had a lot of fun joking around and having fun together. I was blessed that night to be with them. I always learn from them and appreciate them allowing me into their lives.

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